Miami roud trip

In Miami we did not do much: swimming, beach, watching the musculitos on the beach, strolling the big avenues, more pool, eating giant ice cream … Actually, it was not a city that I was passionate about. We were over-saturated with breathtaking scenery (Yosemite Park, Vegas, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Utah, the Rocky Mountains of Aspen, New Orleans …) and needed to take a break to savor it all. Maybe that’s why it took me two and a half years to tell.

Even so, we knew we had to take advantage of our time in Miami and decided to do two trips around: the Everglades Park and the Florida Keys. The truth is that Florida’s leisure offer is extensive, especially if you like amusement parks, but our idea was to take it more calmly. I’ll talk about the Everglades another day. Today, I begin at the end: the furthest point of our journey through the United States that culminated a route from San Francisco to Key West. Dream fulfilled

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