New experiences on a big boat

There are those who want to explore the sea with something more style than others, it is for them when a small boat is not enough to make several trips because they want to share valuable time with different types of friends or family to get an unforgettable experience.

rent a Galeon 330Ht at Ibiza

For them the page of presents among its options a unique boat, which will not only allow a comfortable trip on the water, but will allow you to enjoy to the maximum your stay at sea with all the comforts you want to share with your loved ones.

Rent the boat Galeon 330 HT in Ibiza is the best way to enjoy one of the most powerful and stable boats of the factory GaleĆ³n offers great comfort for all its crew easily becoming a luxury hotel in the waters you want to travel to explore new adventures without any difficulty.

This boat has different characteristics that will make your time at sea unforgettable, as it has two solariums both bow and stern to obtain an ideal tan and benches at the ends of the hull to rest.

It also has an incredible bathing platform with its non-slip access ladder to enjoy the salt water without running any danger, this is especially useful if there are children aboard, also has an external shower that can be implemented with ease.

The best navigation equipment and interior comfort

When renting a boat in Ibiza many take into account the navigation equipment it possesses, in the case of the Galeon 330 HT has a great equipment easy to implement for those who are still novices in the art of sailing making their travel experience more enjoyable.

Inside the boat has a GPS locator and probe to keep constantly located, also has a bow propulsion engine and an annex engine that will allow you to navigate in any circumstance.

It has 3 cabins for passengers that have all the comforts of a luxury room, 2 toilets that have the option of hot or cold water according to the taste of those who occupy it, porcelain details in the washings and toilet.

It also has satellite television to enjoy a good program at night where it is no longer advisable to enjoy the sea, a highly equipped kitchen to please any kind of requirement that is possessed.

All this accompanied by a stable system of electricity on board that is fed by the mill that is on the outside that continuously recharges the energy of the batteries that are in the internal part of the helmet for greater comfort.

Its Volvo Penta engine can reach a maximum speed of more than 38 knots, which allows it to move at a high speed without feeling any kind of instability in the boat, this is due to the design of the hull which is designed to withstand heavy weights and movements.

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